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January 23
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A feature of some of my recent favorites and amazing art I've found :heart:

salti of you,
such a beautiful mess, intertwined and overrun.
your arms, copper lips, citrus,
a lovin' with a twist.
my summer away at space pirate camp,
i took to howling with you the first thunder of june;
flesh, storms,
the hunt for human brains,
     Maybe Zombies Just Want To Hug?
       - 6 lies to tell yourself if shipwrecked.
i can't explain the feelings i get.
   blue dream before i sleep:
   the soul cupping rice (glass figurines, lamp light eyes).
my fear is milk two sugars.
       drink drink drink
       beneath it all,
               floral growth, silver spoons,
               fox teeth,
           losing my spine, strange preoccupations with skin,
<da:thumb id="390985724"/> Stay Awake"If you stay awake
you might learn something, student."
"But dreams give me hope."

Poetry,you’re a
temperamental bitch
that moans when I go.
You compare
to happiness.
You creep
from throats
& bones
like some
hungry monster.
But Poetry,
was invented
for you.
You awoke
a rhythm
between my
that still
You’re either a
vital organ,
or blood.
However, Poetry,
are you cheaper
than the women
in the empty spaces
of my life-
or the secrets
I write
between my thighs?
I am Fifty Shades
of girl.
Why should I feed you?
Do you know
what to do
with my body
when you are merely
ink stained fingers
soaked in passing
& the fevers
within burning stars?
I didn’t think so.
Tea with AliceDaydreaming on the sweetened grass,
I patiently wait for the seeds to sprout.
Ribbons of blue fall fast from the heavens,
tickling me with their comical tails.
Umbrellas of bland and beige shiver themselves dry,
splashing everything around me with surprising flecks of exuberant paint.
Garish beads multiply and disseminates;
colouring in the spaces my eyes brush.
Soundless formless forms shimmer to solid shapes,
imprisoning me within a witches ring.
Warping, morphing reptiles are birthed from the haze,
their opaque eyes penetrating through mine accusingly.
Incomprehensible nonsense spurs from their flapping jaws;
bombarding me with befuddling demands.
Loyally humbling their prickling backs;
they ostensibly summon their emerald-scaled liege.
Laughter as chilling as white noise flitters from the regal vertebrate,
his nitrogen breath crystallising my flesh to stone.
Erratic heartbeats of panic echo from me;
a war drum that vibrates my anxiety erringly.
Nameless names are repeated in questi

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Amazing art & awesome artists :heart:
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