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This deviation was deleted

Hello there, and Merry Christmas :)
I am always drawn into photos of Christmas ornaments, especially because there are so many different ones out there, some even carry stories and history with them, making them even more interesting.

But that aside; I like the minimal colors here. Instead of a bright bulb, a bunch of different colored lights and so on, it keeps a similar tone throughout the photo which is nice.

My first main suggestion is I think it'd be nice if the bulb was more up front and maybe a little more focused than the garland seems to be.

Another thing is the photo seems quite bottom heavy, more of the photo on the bottom and the top is quite empty overall. Maybe if you had moved the bulb up into the photo a little bit? I think with that and being a little closer we could see more details in the ornament itself.
Maybe even a square crop of the photo, giving it more balance?

Something I like about this photo itself as well is that the ornament isn't hanging straight down, I think when they hang like that it seems "too perfect" in a way. This looks more natural the way it rests and is nuzzled into the garland.

Also I like the way you got the reflections of light and reflection in the garland as well as the ornament, it makes them stand out and "shine" more than everything behind them.

Other than those few things this is quite nice. Keep it up :) Again, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays (=

***please do not pay attention to the stars, the critique is in what I wrote.***
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