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Literature Resources [updated Jan.2014] by WorldWar-Tori Literature Resources [updated Jan.2014] by WorldWar-Tori
updated : 20.November.2013

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Poetry vs. Prose by Danteholic
Tips to Creative Writing by forbiddenhero
Grammar Guide by LateNightLady
So You Wanna Be a Writer by WordCount
How to Write by danielzklein
Synonyms, the Thesaurus and You by ML-Larson
Writers Block & How to Kill It by Kitsunechann & Cures for Writer's Block by SnoodleDoodle
How to Alienate Your Readers in 12 Easy Steps by StarTraveller
A Rough Guide to Semicolons by MetalMagpie & Colon, Semicolons & Hyphens by Mattiello & Basics of Comma Usage by Inkfish7
A Guide to Symbolism by MarielleWindWolf
Writer's Tip: Show Don't Tell by DarlingMionette
How to Write Without Editing by ATrue
Tips for the Messy Writer by LiliWrites
Write Better, Read More by WordCount

Introduction to Poetry by xXShadow-PoetryXx & A Beginners Guide to Poetry by Solaris-Ember
A Guide to Visual Poetry by darkdescartes
A Word About Haiku by Wudang-mountain
How to Write Villanelles by Mattiello & How to Write a Villanelle in it's Many Forms by Nichrysalis
Poetic Meter: A Complete Reference Manual by Nichrysalis
Poetry Forms: An A-Z by Beccalicious
Tips For the Novice by suture
How to Create Visual Poetry by Mattiello
A Crash Course in Slam Poetry by Nichrysalis
Songwriting: The Basics by GuinevereToGwen
Poetry Self Edit Checklist by Mahi-Fish &
Tips for Editing Poetry by suture
10 Tips for Poetry by Yitik
How to Write Euphonically by Nichrysalis
Punctuating Poetry: Part I & Part II by LaMonaca

The Mary Sue Complaints Checklist by HatedLove6 & Help! I have a Mary Sue by MissLunaRose
A Simple Guide to Writing Horror by pullingcandy
Why Good Villains Are Important by StarTraveller
How to Pick a Hero | Finding the Right White Knight | Damsel Directory by dragon8writer
The Art of Refining Prose by ProsePlease
Creating Voice by CrumpetsHarvey
How to Write a Summary by Ceata88
Essay Writing for Students by Loona-Cry
5 Steps to Organize Your Novel by GrimFace242
Unique Character Design Tips by thundercake
Writing Paranormal Characters by simplyprose
Organizing Your Fantasy/Sci-Fi Novel by MotleyDreams
Writing the War: A Guide to Military Fiction & Combat Related Mental Illness by doughboycafe
10 Commandments of Writing by unicorn-skydancer08
Tips for Writing Flash Fiction by SRSmith
Guide to Writing Fanfiction by EmpressTuiLa
Voices... For and About Kids by simplyprose
5 tips on: Fantasy Religions | Weaponry | Warfare | Magic | Exposition by Droemar
Guide to Writing Settings by EmpressTuiLa
Writing Chapters Tutorial by TahBayEss
Character Tips: Dreams | Magic | Personality | Appearance | Clothing by Shade-Lover31
Character flaws: Emotional & Fatal by WritersArchives
World Building Formula Pt 1 & 2 by Start-Writing-Club
Dialogue Lesson by TheLadyOfTheRain
Giving Prose Visual Appeal by WordCount
Guide to Writing Romance by EmpressTuiLa
Writing a Short Film Script by deviantartfilm
Erotica Without Sex | Internal Conflict | Fetish Fiction | Horror | Erotic Horror by OokamiKasumi

Some of the guides/lessons in these folders are listed, some are not.
Guides & Lessons by ML-Larson
Writing Guides by illuminara
Writing Lessons & Guides by Kitsunechann
Tutorials by MetalMagpie
Writing Resources by jamberry-song
Rehab for Roleplayers by salshep
Writers Notes by DarkDelusion
Writing Tutorials & Templates by awrighton
Writing Tips & Tricks by OokamiKasumi
Writing Resources by MissLunaRose
Bullet; GreenResources - Character Sheets - Templates - ETC.Bullet; Green 
Character Sheets & Templates by IsBreaLiomCaife
Help For Writers Packet by CandyAMac
Character & Plot Info Sheets by GrimFace242
Mythology Info Sheet by GrimFace242
Plot Saver List by BritishMan00

Tips on Self Publishing by suture
An Idiot's Guide to Lit Mag Publishing by SadisticIceCream
I finally answer your publishing questions by SadisticIceCream
Quick Guide to Query Letters by KimberlyDawn
Getting Published & How to Get a Literary Agent by mree
Copyright & 1st Publication Rights by nycterent

Copyright: A Rundown by linaket
Critiquing Poetry by akkajess
Prose Critique Basics by Kira73
dA Writers Get Noticed by Puppy-eater
Laymans Guide to Book Binding by Supaslim
Beta Reading for Authors by thorns

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